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CBD Capsules (60ct/1500mg) by Heady Harvest – CBD Genesis

  • Are you ready for a better nights sleep?
  • 60 Capsules
  • 1500mg CBD Total
  • 25mg CBD, 100mg Kava per capsule!

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Most cannabidiol (CBD) capsules are designed with a general CBD experience in mind. However, Heady Harvest have put their own spin on matters with these capsules. This product is infused with ingredients especially designed to improve your sleep quality.

CBD capsules effects are already excellent at promoting sleep, since the cannabinoids stay active all night. This isn’t always so with tinctures and vape juices, which wear off more quickly.

In this review, we will detail how CBD helps with sleep. We’ll also consider what the other ingredients in this Heady Harvest CBD product bring to the mix. We’ll conclude by looking at some more general perks of CBD oil capsules, and some tips on how to use them efficiently.

Ingredients in Heady Harvest Sleep Capsules

Heady Harvest sleep capsules are packed with 25mg of CBD, 5mg of melatonin, 100mg of kava and 700mg of chamomile. All of these have natural sedative properties that allows you to formulate better sleep patterns, without leaving you hooked on them.

25mg of CBD

CBD’s effects are, for the most part, contained to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. This controls the release and suppression of hormones, so that we wake up in the mornings and go to sleep at night.

As well as helping with circadian rhythm, CBD ensures we get enough deep sleep, which has a neuroprotective effect on the brain. The sedative properties of CBD, which relax the muscles and provide a pleasant body buzz, also help with sleep. As do the compound’s the anti-anxiety effects which work to keep the mind calm. This is particularly important for those with hectic lifestyles, who often find their brain going into overdrive at night.

5mg of melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone that is released by the pineal gland in the brain, as a means of promoting sleep and regulating the circadian rhythm. However, melatonin is also a popular supplement for overcoming jet lag and sleep disorders. The addition of this hormone to these Heady Harvest sleep capsules highlights how it works as a natural sleep aid.

100mg of kava

Kava is an ancient herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years to reduce anxiety and enhance sleep. Kava extracts are known for having a calming effect, and are also linked to improved mood. Kava helps to release nervous tension and relax the muscles. Therefore, it is a great ingredient to have in these sleep capsules.

700mg of chamomile

You may perhaps be more familiar with chamomile in tea. If you know of the herb’s effects, you won’t be surprised that Heady Harvest have put it into their sleep capsules. The apigenin in chamomile appears to bind with receptors in the brain to relieve anxiety and induce sleep. In addition to being taken for its calming effects, chamomile also reduces inflammation, a quality shared by CBD.

How CBD capsules work

CBD capsules are renowned for providing relief for a whole day or night, by virtue of how the cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream. The CBD cannot be released until the capsule has been broken down. This process that takes longer for some than others – from anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours. But it this gradual absorption which allows for the elongated effects that taking CBD capsules or edibles provides.

Benefits of CBD capsules

There are mental and physical benefits of taking CBD capsules, which stem from how the CBD regulates the ECS. In the case of these Heady Harvest sleep capsules, an increased focus is on the sedative effects, and therefore this product is excellent for managing insomnia. The calming benefits may extend to helping with pain, anxiety and even issues with low mood.

Get an accurate dose

It is arguably easier to get an accurate dose when taking capsules than with any other CBD product. The beauty of these capsules is that not only is the CBD measured about, but so is the melatonin, kava and chamomile. Heady Harvest have settled on these doses since they can deliver the most benefit

As the CBD is already infused into the capsule, you aren’t required to do any measuring when taking them. And, you can have confidence that you’re consuming the same dose each day. This consistency really gives you an idea on how much the capsules are helping.


As an offspring of cannabis, the CBD industry is still not fully accepted among the wider general public. Not everybody accepts that CBD is non-intoxicating, and that it doesn’t adversely affect your physical or mental functions.

No surprises then that some CBD users prefer to keep their usage on the down low, so that they don’t attract attention. With capsules, you have no aroma to worry about. They appear just like any other vitamin or mineral supplement.

How to use CBD soft gel capsules efficiently

Because the effects of CBD are delayed with capsules, you have to plan a little ahead. For instance, to get the best night’s sleep from them, dose around an hour before your bedtime. Then, you aren’t tossing and turning in bed waiting for the effects to kick in, as the CBD has already had chance to absorb. Having your capsule or capsules with a glass of water also helps with digestion.

Research also indicates that taking CBD capsules with MCTs (a type of fatty acid) boosts potency. These can be found in coconut oil, yoghurt, cheese and more.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this Heady Harvest CBD review has clearly shown the benefits of CBD and other ingredients for sleep. Some of the best CBD capsules for sale on our site, Heady Harvest have gone above and beyond here. This is a world-class product.

We stress that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.


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CBD Capsules (60ct/1500mg) by Heady Harvest – CBD Genesis
CBD Capsules (60ct/1500mg) by Heady Harvest – CBD Genesis

$39.99 $29.99

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