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CBD Drink ECOShots by CBD Drip – CBD Genesis

  • ECOShots from CBD Drip has been made with your relaxation in mind.
  • Based around cannabidiol (CBD), the main therapeutic cannabinoid in hemp, this product has also been infused with other extracts that promote calming, and soothing effects.
  • These include kava, L-theanine and GABA analogues.


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This drink is a hemp extract and not meant to be a substitute for our full spectrum CBD-rich whole plant cannabinoid products.

Size: One 2 ounce bottle
Strength: Approximately 25+mg of active CBD in each bottle.
Calories: 5 calories
Blend: Our energy blend contains, but not limited to, L-carnitine, L-arginine, taurine, D-ribose, N-acetyl, L-tyrosine, anhydrous, caffeine, and other essential vitamins.
Usage: Take as needed. This is a hemp extract energy shot. These do pack a powerful energy boost, so we recommend taking it in the morning or the latest midday. If you take it late in the evening, it could keep you up. If so try to counterbalance with an ECOShot Relax to help you relax and wind down.

Get to know the ECOShot CBD Drink

In this review of the ECOShot Relax hemp CBD drink, we will expand on the benefits of the ingredients included. We’ll also provide some tips on how to get more from your ECOShot, and identify some of the primary reasons for taking it.

Isolate hemp extract (25mg of CBD)

The ECOShot comes in a 2oz bottle, and contains 25mg of active, isolated CBD. Since it’s already active, this drink doesn’t need to be heated for the CBD to have an effect. The cannabinoid has been isolated from other compounds in the hemp.

The result is that this beverage just provides the therapeutic properties of CBD. Therefore, the ECOShot from CBD Drip is drug test proof, as you aren’t exposing your body to any amount of THC.

GABA analogues

The GABA neurotransmitter is promoted by taking CBD, but by adding GABA analogues into the beverage, CBD Drip has amped up its effects. GABA is renowned for decreasing activity in the brain, which is effective for relieving mental disorders such as anxiety. The extra GABA simply enhances the relaxing effects of the ECOShot, and for the mind in particular.


Kava is a plant that originates from the Pacific islands, and is popular for having sedative effects. These can be harnessed to manage anxiety, and also to reduce stress and combat insomnia and other chronic sleep disorders. Kava can induce a drowsiness in the user. But as this beverage is intended to help you relax, this shouldn’t prove a problem.


L-theanine is an amino acid commonly found in plants and fungi. Unsurprisingly, it has similar effects to the other ingredients in the ECOShot, helping to lower stress levels and relax the body. Therefore, adding it to the drink further boosts the anti-anxiety, and sleep-promoting properties of this product.

How to use the ECOShot effectively

The ECOShot is a drink, so its effects are most in line with those from a CBD edible or capsule. That is, it kicks in slowly, but delivers the lasting relief that is needed for when you are trying to relax. If you want to use it to help you sleep, then drinking 45 minutes to an hour beforehand is ideal. Taking it ahead of time means it will take effect when you’re ready to go to sleep, but not until then.

Benefits of the ECOShot

You may want to treat a specific ailment by using the ECOShot. Or, you may just want a natural relaxation aid, that doesn’t pose the problems that some of society’s more common vices do, like cigarettes and alcohol.

The World Health Organization has stated that CBD cannot be abused. So there are no addiction risks to worry about. Not to mention, CBD also comes with very few side effects. However, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and the ECOShot is not meant to be a substitute for prescription medication.

Stress and anxiety relief

Do you find it difficult to relax and wind down in the evenings? This is often the case for those who have busy lives, and are left with so many things to think and worry about. CBD may be of help, and even more so when combined with the ingredients in the ECOShot. We have already covered the anti-anxiety properties of CBD, kava and GABA analogues.

But CBD can also help to relieve you of stress, by stopping cortisol from running riot in the body. This stress hormone can be suppressed by taking CBD, which stops it from being secreted.

Pain relief

This CBD-infused drink is capable of delivering extended relief from pain. If you are experiencing disrupted sleep due to chronic pain, then this product ensures that the analgesic effects last for the whole night, rather than wearing off after a few hours. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are good for those affected by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and any other pain that can be traced back to inflammation.

Final thoughts

The ECOShot is a unique CBD drink, comprised of ingredients that you may not get in other CBD products. On its own, CBD can offer relief from the ailments we have stated, but these effects are stepped up a notch with the ECOShot.

This is key as the beverage is made with CBD-isolate, instead of a full-spectrum, CBD-rich extract. Keen to try CBD in a different form? Then be sure to give the ECOShot a go.

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CBD Drink ECOShots by CBD Drip – CBD Genesis
CBD Drink ECOShots by CBD Drip – CBD Genesis


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