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As a celebration of colors, we introduce this beautiful rainbow of colors on the SUB-HERB LIMITED. This is a run of 500 only. After these sell they will not be sold again. Buy this while you can, and enjoy the world famous SUB-HERB in dynamic life. With a quick heat up time of just 3 seconds, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your favorite herbs and concentrates. Our tank bakes, not combust your materials to provide you with the types of vapor you’d expect from a MigVapor dry herb tank.
  • Vapes at 19-27 Watts
  • Use with variable watt mod only


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CBD Vape Tank Dry Herb and Dabs Vape Tank from MigVapor

The limited edition Sub-Herb vape tank from MigVapor is ideal for any vaper who aspires to enjoy convenient dry herb and concentrate vaping with world-class equipment.  It has never been easier to vape dry herb on the go.

In this product review, we will go over the advantages of using concentrates and dry herbs, before delving deeper into the specific benefits of this MigVapor vape pen tank. We are convinced that you will be converted to vaping in this way by the time you’re done!

Why dab?

Concentrates are the priciest cannabidiol (CBD) products around, but they also give you a more intense CBD experience than any other product type. With concentrates and dabs, the total CBD content is often in excess of 80% of the overall product, and with crystals this can even go to 99% or more. Getting a potent dose of CBD is not necessary for every user and all ailments, but for those who do seek stronger effects, concentrates are capable of delivering them efficiently.

Use with CBD Genesis wax

If you are planning on using concentrates with your new MigVapor Sub-Herb tank, then we really recommend our very own CBD Genesis DABWAX. This product is made with a pure hemp extract, and provides the full benefit offered by the many natural compounds within the plant. The full extract also ensures that you get great-tasting vapor to inhale.

Whether you are trying to solve mental or physical health problems with CBD, we must make it clear that these products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease, and have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Why vape dry herb?

Dry herb is perfect for those who want to take hemp in the classical way, but not have to put up with the health risks that smoking carries. Nowadays, industrial hemp herb is cultivated to have rich concentrations of CBD, so that the user can get potent effects, without any intoxication. After being vaporized, dry herb can then be rolled up into hemp joints and smoked, for those who want to – this maximizes the plant, which is great if you’re on a budget. CBD can also be a useful smoking cessation product.

Use with CBD Genesis hemp nugs

Keen to use dry herb with the MigVapor Sub-Herb tank? Then why not get your hands on an eighth or a quarter of our CBD Genesis hemp nugs. We have a huge selection of CBD-rich hemp flower to pick from, and so many unique flavors for you to try. Each CBD strain has its own natural terpene profile – we have sativa-dominant, indica-dominant and hybrid options, allowing you to really fine tune your CBD vaping sessions.

For use with variable watt mod

Another cool aspect of the Sub-Herb tank is that it is designed for use with variable watt mods.   Being able to modify the wattage gives you more control over your vaping experience. Tweaking the settings lets you adjust the throat hit, the taste of your vapor product and the amount of vapor that’s generated.

Rapid heat-up time

Portable vaporizers are only feasible if they work quickly and efficiently – that’s exactly what you get with this MigVapor tank. Boasting a heat up time of just three seconds, you can enjoy vapor from your dab or dry herb on-demand. This is an extremely quick heat-up time for dry herb. If you are trying to choose the right vape for you, and want something that can handle multiple forms of CBD wherever you are, then really consider investing in this tank.

Limited edition model

This cheap vape tank from MigVapor is a limited edition device – so you better act fast or risk missing out! Only 500 tanks with the rainbow color design have been made, and the manufacturer has already stated that they will not be producing any more. This is a really classy way of taking your dry herb and concentrates, and we recommend the Sub Herb to all vaping enthusiasts.

How to clean vape tank

Maintaining your vape tank regularly is the only way to get an optimum vaping experience with excellent flavor. While it can be a time-consuming process, it will pay dividends by improving the quality of your vape sessions.

You should begin cleaning by soaking an empty tank in high-proof alcohol, occasionally shaking the tank to remove any residue that may be stuck to the insides. Once you are fully satisfied that you have cleaned out the tank, rinse with tap water and then distilled water to clear away the alcohol. Then allow the water to evaporate for a couple of hours before refitting and using the tank.

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CBD Vape Tank ‘Sub Herb’ for Dry Herb and Dabs – CBD Genesis
CBD Vape Tank ‘Sub Herb’ for Dry Herb and Dabs – CBD Genesis


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