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Cement Shoes feminized seeds earn their reputation as a highly intense indica. Somewhat uncommon, these weed seeds are made by mixing Wet Dreams, OG Kush and Animal Cookies 09. It will surprise you with a noticeable high that feels like a heavy feeling deep within your body.

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A fast bloomer with a unique terpene profile, these 100% feminized seeds forgive most mistakes. Cement Shoes feminized seeds have a genetic backbone of the West Coast cannabis varieties. This indica dominant phenotype smells and tastes a lot like its parent strain Animal Cookies combined with touches of lemon. It is fresh yet skunky and bitter with earthy notes and mint. Growers can expect a medium to high yield and to take note of the famously sticky buds that will likely glue their fingers together. The hybrid is mainly recommended for evening usage because as the name suggests, users will be “cemented in their shoes”.


Flavors Sweet
Flavor power Skunk
Flowering time Medium
Height Tall
THC level High
CBD level Low
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Yes
Yield Medium to high
Cultivate Indoor, outdoor
Genotype 60% indica/40% sativa/0% ruderalis


Cement Shoes feminized seeds produce average yields; however, some people report above-average output. Even a beginning grower can pull off a decent yield of lavishly sized flowers because the strain is easy to grow without prior experience. If you don’t repeatedly prune it, the main stem should be where the yield is concentrated; although, smaller buds on the side also have something to give. Since they are entirely saturated with THC crystals, the buds will have significant weight to them. Generally, the flowering time is 63 days.

As previously mentioned, the buds are covered with resin that superglues your fingers together. It doesn’t matter how long a grower works with the plants from these cannabis seeds, the sticky effect comes immediately. This trait makes Cement Shoes feminized seeds exceptional for those wanting to produce oils, extracts, distillates, shatter or hash.


Plants grown from Cement Shoes feminized seeds remind smokers of Animal Cookies blended with old-school Erkle. It carries a fresh and pungent scent with earthy notes. Cement Shoes brings about a minty berry to exhale with hints of lemon, which is a nice addition to the palate. The high from this hybrid will have a cerebral effect that penetrates your head with a feeling of bliss. Then, as it moves into the body, your limbs will feel heavy and numb resulting in a complete couch-like state.


Cement Shoes has dominance over many competitors because of its high THC level of 15 to 23%. It is recommended for dealing with conditions like chronic pain, stress, depression, insomnia, and even seizures. This plant will help users will all sorts of mental inadequacies but before you decide to buy Cement Shoes Feminized seeds, you should make sure it is a high-quality product.


A high percentage of THC has made this marijuana strain remarkably potent. Negative reactions might manifest in mild lightheadedness and drowsiness, typically for more novice smokers. There also have been cases of anxious and paranoid thoughts, so it’s recommended to use it in moderation. The most frequent side effect is a feeling of dry mouth and eyes.


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CEMENT SHOES Feminized – Dutch Seeds Shop
CEMENT SHOES Feminized – Dutch Seeds Shop


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