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Chill Plus ExtremeCBD Delta-8 THC Poppin Gel Capsules – 700X


  • With 700mg => 500mg Delta-8 THC + 200mg CBD
  • Per capsule = 25mg Delta-8 THC + 10mg CBD
  • 20 capsules per container


  • Bovine gelatin, mct oil, purified water, and hemp extract.




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20 capsules in jar x 35mg each capsule.

Pop two Chill Plus Extreme Delta-8 THC Gel Capsules and call us in the morning. With Chill Plus Extreme Poppin Gel Capsules, now available in 700X, the buzz will be poppin as long as the party lasts. That’s right, Delta-8 THC, the hemp-derived, world-class cannabinoid with a psychotropic high that’s completely legal, is now available in an even bigger and better gel capsule from Chill Plus. So pop a couple of Delta-8 THC gel capsules and give us a call when you feel the buzz!

We’ve combined CBD with Delta-8 THC for a buzz that really pops. Delta-8 is a derivative of Delta-9 THC, though it’s only found in trace amounts in the cannabis plant. But now, we’ve found a way to make it pop! We’ve isolated and extracted Delta-8 THC, making it possible for you to experience a low-key but still potent buzz, and we’ve put it into a powerful Delta-8 THC gel capsule that you can take with you on the go. With these easy-to-pop gel capsules, you can feel the buzz but still, keep your head clear. It’s the perfect combination of cannabinoids!

Chill Plus Extreme Poppin Gel Capsules have 200mg of CBD and 500mg of Delta-8 THC. The two cannabinoids work synergistically to balance each other out, creating a long-lasting buzz that keeps going until the sun comes up. One Delta-8 THC poppin capsule will make everything smooth. Take two, and your night will really pop! But remember, Chill Plus Extreme Poppin Gel Capsules in 700X pack a powerful punch, so take as directed.

Like all of our products, Chill Plus Delta Force Poppin Gel Capsules are third-party tested for your safety, so you can rest assured that everything stays poppin! This bottle contains 20 capsules. And don’t forget, Delta-8 THC falls into a regulatory grey area, so until the government decides to ban it, it’s totally legal (for now). So you’ll want to pop some Chill Plus Extreme Poppin Delta-8 THC Gel Capsules before it’s too late!

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Chill Plus ExtremeCBD Delta-8 THC Poppin Gel Capsules – 700X
Chill Plus ExtremeCBD Delta-8 THC Poppin Gel Capsules – 700X


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