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Church OG Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Church OG Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specifications

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Genetics Parents: OG kush and God’s Gift
  • Flowering Period: 8 to 9 Weeks
  • Climate: Hot, Warm, and Dry
  • Yield: 400g/m² indoors /480g/plant outdoors
  • Flavors: Sweet, Lemon, Spicy, Citrus
  • THC Level: 19%
  • CBD Level: 1%
  • Height: Tall
  • Harvest Period: mid-October
  • Growing Difficulty Easy

Church OG Autoflower marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid that descends from its parents of OG Kush along with God’s Gift. It has a fantastic aroma with a great sense of calmness in its high; however, it’s a perfect combination when it comes to nighttime sessions. With 19% of THC content and 1% CBD present in Church OG Autoflower, both smokers and growers enjoy its fun-filled effects and medical benefits to treat chronic illnesses and physical pains.

It highlights deep green colored leaves with rust-colored hairs and buds covered in a thick coating of trichomes. Church OG Autoflower strain is well known for its vigorous plant that easy to grow since it is highly resilient from pests and molds, as reported by most growers. It grows relatively tall and produces sufficient yields when given much effort.

Pack Prices

  • 5 seeds: $65
  • 10 seeds: $120
  • 25 seeds: $240




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What are the Flavor and Effects of Church OG Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Church OG Autoflowering has an aromatic scent of buds that brings smokers to the next level of the smoking experience. It carries a pretty thick and powerful aroma once the buds are cured adequately for weeks. It was emitting a scent of classic marijuana with hints of fresh herbs. After tearing the buds, it will smell like a room full of pines and spices.

Church OG Autoflowering has a delicious combination of flavors that begins with a sweetness of pines in the smoker’s mouth and fades into solid citrus and herbal flavor while inhaling. Meanwhile, when smokers exhale, they can taste a little lemon and spice that twirls into the tongue and remains like a sweet kiss.

Church OG Auto contains unique mind effects that will make users much more talented than before! Users will start to feel tranquility and a sense of calmness once this marijuana is smoked. Its leisurely enters the body without staggering the user’s body with its potency. It is also suitable to use during nighttime smoking to remove all the stress in the body.

Church OG Auto fills the body and mind with intense waves of energy and euphoria that will make both veteran and inexperienced users feel more boosted and happy. It will also cause a lot of joy and laughter to the user since it leaves a blissful feeling. Church OG Auto is a very high-end strain that is the best experience.

What are the Medical Benefits of Church OG Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

There are numerous medical benefits that smokers are thankful for; it’s also used as a medical treatment for most chronic illnesses. Frequently it is used as a treatment for insomnia or in some severe cases. It has proven effectiveness since its relaxation brings all patients an excellent response to its said effects.

It can also cure patients suffering from chronic stress, making it easier for most patients to feel more light and unoccupied. Church OG is also used to reduce signs of chronic pain and those who encounter back pains, headaches, and muscle pains. Furthermore, it is also ideal for treating patients who have cancer effectively reducing nausea, which is a side effect of radiation from chemotherapy. This weed is used as an appetite booster for patients, making them consume more food, especially if they undergo radiation or chemotherapy.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Church OG Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Church OG Autoflower has a few adverse effects, and users should remember a few things before or after smoking this weed. Church OG Auto is potent marijuana than any common strains you can find at the market. Overconsuming these weed strains will make you feel a series of nausea and lightheadedness. Moreover, users may also be susceptible to paranoia and panicking about the high effects it delivers.

How to Grow Church OG Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Church OG Autoflower marijuana seeds is an easy plant to cultivate for both veteran and beginner growers since it proliferates into tall marijuana with a ban average of 19% THC level. When Church OG is grown indoors, anticipate heavy harvesting yields reaching 400-480 grams per square meter outdoors.
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Church OG Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
Church OG Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


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