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Dutch Dragon Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Dutch Dragon Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specifications

  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Genetics Parents: Durban Skunk x California Indica
  • Flowering Period: 9 to 12 weeks
  • Climate: Sunny, Mediterranean, and warm
  • Yield: High
  • Flavors:¬† Citrus, Fruity, and Sweet,
  • THC Level: 18%
  • CBD Level:¬† 0.1%
  • Height: 90 cm to 275 cm
  • Harvest Period: Late October
  • Growing Difficulty:¬† Moderate

Dutch Dragon Autoflowering is a Sativa-dominant strain that descends from its African Sativa lineage. Dutch Dragon has a THC level ranging from 16% to 20% and a CBD level of 0.1%. It has a delicious blend of citrus, fruits in just the right amount of sweetness when smoked. It is famous for its high yields and intense sativa effects for recreational and medical use. Dutch Dragon weed strain also    to the smoker’s body. This weed is also won an award during the High Times Cannabis Cup awards.

Dutch Dragon Autoflowering possesses sticky, glittering nugs with a vibrant green color that looks very appealing to the eyes. Meanwhile, it grows 9 to 12 weeks in a warm and sunny climate. Anticipate your weed to grows as tall as 90cm to 275 cm tall. Both beginners and experienced growers can grow these marijuana seeds.

Pack Prices

  • 5 seeds: $65
  • 10 seeds: $120
  • 25 seeds: $240



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What are the Flavor and Effects of Dutch Dragon Autoflower?

There are traces of intense fruitiness and sweetness when smoking Dutch Dragon Auto buds. It carries an abundance of various flavors that appears to be very sweet with a bit of sourness to the tongue. There is also a blast of flavors in the palate that gives a sweet flavor. When inhaling, it will bring a solid citrusy and orange-like taste that is also the same as drinking a glassful orange zest. The sourness is also a perfect combination of the fruity flavor that makes it more satisfying to consume.

Dutch Dragon Auto is also a famous hybrid since it has potent effects that carry a high THC level and average CBD content to quickly remove their worries as it starts to replace them with wild dreamy thoughts that enhance the mood.  Smoking this weed will also increase the chance of couch-lock and laughter while enjoying this weed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dutch Dragon Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Dutch Dragon Autoflowering marijuana is also used as a medical treatment to alleviate anxiety attacks, depression, and stress. It can also enhance the mood and relax the consumer’s body. It is not only giving a cerebral high, but it also provides a physical relief to the consumer’s body to alleviate severe chronic pain and ache. Its analgesic properties play a significant role in removing pain. Other patients who suffer from nausea, arthritis, and migraines will feel relieved once they smoke this cannabis strain. Overall its medical benefits have a significant impact on most users.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dutch Dragon Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Dutch Dragon Autoflowering can cause adverse effects if consumed in a high dosage. Common side effects are dry mouth and red eyes, which can cause dehydration. Users with low tolerance should take this strain in minimal usage to control its adverse effects. Some effects may trigger anxiety, headaches, and migraines. As per advice, take on a minimal amount to avoid any complications with health.

How to Grow Dutch Dragon Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Dutch Dragon Auto grows into a tall, dense, and compact plant with green and orange hair-like structures covered in white resins. It can also thrive well in both outdoors and indoors. It can also be a bit challenging to cultivate. This weed can grow between 500-1000 grams in just nine to ten weeks. When grown indoors, anticipate quality buds and yield as plenty as 1000 grams per plant.

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Dutch Dragon Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
Dutch Dragon Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


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