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A guide to the Koi CBD Vape Juice Variety Pack

If you just can’t get enough of Koi CBD E-Liquid, then this variety pack is exactly what you’re looking for. Choose your strength, and give yourself the full Koi CBD experience. This post will cover what’s in the variety pack and the ingredients found in Koi CBD E-Liquid. We’ll also explore the general benefits of vaping cannabidiol (CBD), and the benefits of different potencies.


  • 100mg – $149.99
  • 250mg – $179.99
  • 500mg – $249.99
  • 1000mg – $399.99


What’s included?

The Koi Variety Pack comes with all six of the original flavors in the Koi CBD E-Liquid range. These are as follows:

Blue Koi: a delicious blue raspberry dragon fruit flavor

Gold Koi: indulge in vanilla caramel custard

Jade Koi: a combo of watermelon and green apple sour

Red Koi: enjoy tasty strawberry milkshake

Tropical Popsicle Koi: packed with fruity, summery flavors

White Koi: a flavorless vape additive


Every customer gets one of each e-liquid, and can pick from four strengths: 100mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg.

An introduction to Koi CBD E-Liquid

Koi CBD is one of the more established brands in the hemp-derived CBD industry, which popped up after the legalization of hemp-based products in the mid-2010s. Demand for CBD has skyrocketed since, and as with any market, consumers have always looked for quality.

This hasn’t always been easy to find in an unregulated industry, but Koi CBD has been key in raising the bar. Their products are made with pure CBD-isolate, using a high-tech process known as supercritical CO2 extraction. This has a deep cleaning effect on the hemp extract, removing any toxins and foreign substances. Since the CBD has been isolated from the hemp extract itself, Koi CBD E-Liquid has 0% THC.

How do you know that you can trust Koi CBD in an industry that’s unregulated? Because Koi CBD – and other leading brands – go a step further, essentially regulating themselves! They submit their products to third-party laboratories for testing.

These labs then do a thorough analysis, looking for the amount of CBD and THC in a product (THC levels are not allowed to exceed 0.3%). They also confirm that the extract is pure, and stamp a date on the report to show when it was conducted.

Koi then makes these results available to current and prospective customers, free of charge. This is the ultimate level of transparency that you can get from a brand in this industry.

Why do Koi use CBD-isolate?

Koi CBD e-liquids are made with CBD-isolate and not full-spectrum CBD, which isn’t always the case with a CBD vape juice – drug tests, however, are one of the main reasons for this. With a CBD-isolate product, there is absolutely no chance that a test can be failed because the user isn’t ingesting any quantity of THC. This allows people who work for companies which have random drug testing to use CBD products with complete peace of mind.

Why purchase a Koi Variety Pack?

The Koi Variety Pack is recommended for experienced CBD users, and especially Koi users who already know and love their e-liquids. Purchasing six e-liquids in a set allows you to make a huge saving on your CBD. So, if you are looking for cheap CBD vape juice, it makes sense to buy in bulk and cut down your long-term costs.

Finding the best CBD e-liquid dose for you

In this section, we’ll go over some of the reasons for vaping CBD, and highlight the benefits of the different potencies on offer from Koi CBD. Please note that while CBD e-liquids are normally used for vaporizing, they can also be administered under the tongue like a tincture.

Finding the perfect CBD dose for you can take some time. As a biphasic substance, the effects from a low dose can be starkly contrasting from what you’d expect from a larger dose. Indeed, this is why some people, even after a long time using CBD, prefer to stick to small quantities.


The lowest strength e-liquid produced by Koi CBD, each 1ml contains just over 3mg of CBD. Therefore, a 3ml tank – the size found in the SmokTech Stick V8 Baby in the Koi Starter Kit – will hold around 10mg of CBD. This light concentration works well for really small doses, which is what’s needed for CBD vape juice effects such as improved alertness and focus, without making you sleepy and drowsy.


The 250mg e-juice is a perfect starting point for CBD users who want to experience the relaxing and sleep-inducing effects of CBD. Such an amount also works well for those using CBD as a supplement, with a 3ml tank holding 25mg of CBD. Many recommend this sort of dose as an ideal daily quantity. With vaping, you can spread out your intake by vaping multiple times per day. Or, you could take it all at once.


CBD e-liquid can be really effective for reducing pain, and this can have a pleasant knock-on effect on mood. However, to really bring about physical and mental calm, a higher quantity of CBD is needed. With Koi’s 500mg e-liquid, you can still sample lower doses with just one or two hits, but the vape juice is potent enough for a more sedative experience.


The 1000mg e-liquid is for long-time CBD users who know that they need the stronger products to genuinely benefit. These CBD oil vape juices are often used before sleep, either to ease pain or to manage disorders like insomnia.

Final thoughts

This CBD vape juice review should have informed you more about the qualities of CBD. We have lots of CBD vape juice for sale at CBDVapeJuice.net.


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Koi CBD E-Liquid Variety Pack – CBD Genesis
Koi CBD E-Liquid Variety Pack – CBD Genesis


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