• SMELL PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Our High Quality Activated Carbon lining prevents smells and odors from escaping the bag. Your materials stay fresh, and smells can’t escape!
  • WATER RESISTANT MATERIAL: Our outer material is water resistant! We went above and beyond our competitors using thick ballistic woven polyester material!
  • HEAVY DUTY PADDING: We’ve built our bags with two layers of thick padding inside to protect your belongings from bumps and shocks.
  • COMBINATION LOCK INCLUDED: This bag has a built in combination lock which is simple to use! You can set your own combination, and easily lock your back so your items stay safe from prying eyes!
  • LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY: Where most competitors bags are only covered for less than one year, we ensure our bags to be free of defects in craftsmanship for a full year!
  • COLOR RANGE: Two stylish options in black and gray
  • 2x Mylar Bags (1/8 oz Size)
  • 2 Piece Acrylic Grinder (Color may vary)


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If you need a mid size bag without too many bells and whistles,  our Smell Proof Bag With Combination Lock is just what you need! Measuring in at 7.5″ tall, 11″ wide, and 2.5″ depth, this bag is large enough to hold your day to day items, but small enough to remain discreet and convenient.

Still protected by our proprietary 5 layers, this bag will ensure your items are protected, and any smells stay inside the bag! Along with the built in combination lock, the Smell Proof Bag With Combination Lock will be your perfect travel smell proof storage solution.

Protective Outer Layer, Padded Inner Lining

Our external Ballistic woven polyester  outer layer is water resistant and highly anti abrasive, keeping your bag dry and safe from external forces! Along with two layers of padding inside the bag to protect from drops, bumps, and shocks. While most manufacturers cut corners, we wanted to ensure that Erozul bags can withstand more than our competitors.

Simple, Efficient Storage

When it comes to living minimally, this bag is perfect! One large main zippered compartment, complete with Combination Lock, with a smaller pocket inside for organization. The Smell Proof Bag With Combination Lock is ideal for day to day use or situations that don’t require tons of organization. But don’t let the simple design fool you, this is a beautiful bag and like all Erozul bags, we took our time designing it to make sure it’s the perfect mix of form and function!

Light Weight, Maximum Storage

Weighing in at just 6 ounces, and with overall dimensions of 7.5″ tall, 11″ wide, and 2.5″ deep, this bag is compact enough to take anywhere, but includes enough storage space to hold anything you need! It makes a great travel bag, is perfect for day to day use, or will be your go-to for concerts, festivals and more!

One Year, Limited Warranty

Unlike our competitors who offer less than one year on their warranties, we at Erozul offer a full One Year limited warranty, which protects against any defects in craftsmanship or manufacturing. We stand behind our products and offer a hassle free, 100% guarantee for up to one year from the purchase date!

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