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Pet CBD Oil 600mg (Large Breed) – CBDFx

  • Our 600mg pet CBD oil for dogs is perfect for large breeds that weigh more than 60 pounds.
  • Your grande-sized pup will adore the herbaceous taste of this high-strength tincture!
  • Most importantly, we hold our CBD pet products to the same rigorous standards of quality as our human ones.
  • 100% natural and organic easy-to-use formula for your furry companions.
  • Made with high quality and organically grown hemp oil.
  • The Pet Oil is made with CO2 extracted CBD and is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and fatty acids.

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600mg CBD Oil for Dogs, Cats and All Pets (Large Breed)

Thinking about giving your large breed dog a taste of CBD? Make sure it’s carefully formulated for purity and quality, like CBDfx’s 600mg CBD Oil for pets! We love our furry friends just as much as you do, and it’s important to us that our CBD products for animals are held to the same standards of integrity that we demand of our human products.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CBD Oil For Pets?

CBD oil for pets is quick and simple, allowing for application in a matter of seconds. Each bottle is also incredibly easy to store and can be brought with you wherever you go!

How Much CBD Pet Tincture Should I Use?

CBDfx is not in a position to make serving recommendations for this product. That said, each drop of our large breed CBD oil should work out to about 2mg of active CBD. You can start small, see how the animal reacts, and slowly increase the daily serving based on how you see your pet responding to the CBD.


CO2 extracted hemp, CBD, and coconut oil


Is CBD safe for your pets?

CBD is completely safe for your pets to consume in the same way that it is safe for your consumption. The effects of CBD come from its ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in the body’s ability to process certain bodily functions. These organic systems are found in every mammal on earth, meaning that many animals also possess it. This system is something that we share with our pets, and differences are minute enough that the effects of CBD on a human and the effects on an animal are likely extremely similar.

The general fear for pet safety when being given CBD is associated with the fact that many do not understand the key differences between CBD and THC. It is very easy to mix up the two, as they come from the same group of plants and are structurally very similar. The main difference between CBD and THC is that CBD does not have any intoxicating attributes. CBD lacks psychoactive properties and the ability to bind with the same receptors as THC.

How much CBD oil do I give my pets?

There is no clear-cut single number that will tell you how much CBD you should be giving your pets. You should follow similar steps as those that you would follow when consuming your own CBD oil. Individual products will provide you with recommended serving sizes and instructions on how to administer their respective juices, oils and gummies. These estimated servings are meant to set an average size that will be adequate for those falling between novice and moderate CBD usage. Those who have used CBD products for years and have had time to build a tolerance to it will likely need to determine their own personal serving size.

Determining personal serving size with your pets will be a bit more difficult, because your pets cannot simply tell you how the recommended size is affecting them. Even physical indications from your pets may be too subtle to notice, so it is best to determine serving based on their weight. The amount of CBD that your pet should consume will scale upward with its weight. Bigger, heavier animals will need larger portions of CBD to feel its effects than smaller, lighter animals. A Chihuahua and a Thoroughbred should not be taking the same amount of CBD. Generally, small pets should be given a portion of CBD either equal to or less than the recommended amount, while larger pets can be given portions equal to or larger than that.

Where do I buy CBD oil for my pets locally?

Purchasing CBD oil locally for your pets can be tricky. Many chain companies are currently dissuaded from stocking up on CBD products and selling them to their customers. You will not find CBD products in their stores. The best thing that you could do is go online and research the smaller stores in your area that may carry the products. Places such as animal boutiques and clinics may carry CBDfx CBD oils. These stores often are not parts of chains and have a bit more freedom to select the items that they offer to their customers. Certain websites will help you search for stores that carry CBD oil for pets near you as well, making it even easier to identify places of interest.

As is true for the CBD oil that you would consume, it is always recommended to purchase your pet’s CBD oil from a source like CBDfx, that can guarantee its quality. If the brand that you are purchasing oil from does not provide you with lab reports or another form of assurance that their products have been tested, then it might be smart to shop elsewhere. Reputable CBD companies will often post their lab reports online along with the products, offering physical evidence that their oils are top-of-the-line and only contain what they have stated in their products’ descriptions.

What is the difference between people CBD and pet CBD?

The major difference between your CBD and your pet’s CBD is that a product geared toward pets is going to provide a concentration of CBD more suited to their size and weight. Cannabidiol intake varies from person to person, as well as from animal to animal. One big factor in determining an adequate CBD serving is weight. Someone who weighs more is going to need more CBD in order to feel the same effects as someone who is lighter. Similarly, height can play a part in the effectiveness of CBD on humans and animals. A grandmother and a professional wrestler will be consuming different serving sizes of CBD, and comparisons like this can be made for animals as well. For these reasons, the CBD provided to your pet and the CBD provided to you are of very different concentrations.

CBD meant for human consumption and CBD meant for animal consumption have much more in common than you may think. The similarities begin at the very point of cultivation; your CBD and your pet’s CBD are extracted from hemp plants in the same fashion. Whether the CBD comes as an isolate or as a broad spectrum extract, there is no difference at the structural level between the CBD that you and your pet would be consuming.

What does this mean? Can my pets have my CBD or will it hurt them? The answer is a bit complicated. You can consume your pets’ CBD, so long as it does not include any additives that are fine for animals but not humans. Your pets can consume your CBD, but you have to be very careful not to give them an amount that’s identical to what you would personally take. Determine what would be the best amount for them before attempting to give them anything. Try to avoid running into this situation if you can, and simply use a pet-focused CBD product when treating your animal.

When it comes to pet CBD – how much per weight?

There is no universal CBD serving size for animals or humans. The concentration and volume of CBD that your pet consumes is determined primarily by their weight. The amount of CBD increases in relation to the weight of the animal, meaning that a larger, heavier animal is likely going to require a much larger serving of CBD than one that is smaller and lighter. Height can also be used as an indicator of CBD intake, and can be treated in a similar fashion.

Animals of moderate weight can likely be given a suggested serving size without making adjustments. Smaller animals can be given slightly less than what is suggested, and larger animals can be given slightly more.

Why does pet CBD come in different mg?

Questions surrounding the difference of mg–or milligrams–in CBD products for pets are the same as those surrounding CBD concentration. The amount of milligrams of CBD in a product is often portioned according to the type of animal that the product is being geared toward. Some products are filled with CBD, while others contain almost none. Those with high concentrations are usually designed with larger animals in mind. If you own a large animal and are searching for a CBD product, these are the ones you should be looking into. The reverse could be said for products with low concentration.

CBD concentration can also vary depending on the type of product that is being viewed. Different products have different functions, with some functions requiring greater CBD strength and others requiring very little. For example, CBD pet tinctures tend to have a moderate level of CBD because experiencing the extract is the express purpose of the product. The goal there is to deliver the CBD itself and not to supplement another action. CBD pet treats, on the other hand, do not contain as much of the extract because its inclusion in the treat is only to encourage the enacting of something else. These treats aim to encourage them to continue practicing certain tricks and commands, making the CBD a secondary aspect of the treat instead of the direct focus.


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Pet CBD Oil 600mg (Large Breed) – CBDFx
Pet CBD Oil 600mg (Large Breed) – CBDFx

Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $69.99.

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