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PUREDOSE® Micelle Liposomal Magnesium comes in a 30 day supply box that includes 30 individually packaged gel pouches. It’s vanilla flavored and comes in a fast absorbing liquid form to be taken orally. Each product has the recommended serving size listed on the box.

We recommend taking it once a day after dinner for the best night’s sleep! You can take your Purality Health products squeezed directly into your mouth, mix it into a glass of water, add it to a smoothie, or to any recipe you’d like!

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Standard price: $97.00/box

  • One box = 1 month supply:  Per box $54.00/box – special discount
  • Three boxes = 3 months supply: $45.90/box
  • Six boxes = 6 months supply: $40.50/box

Protected by a 180 day 100% money-back guarantee!!

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Not only does magnesium work with the body’s enzyme systems to produce melatonin and other hormones we need at night to sleep.

Harvard Medical reveals, “Magnesium is responsible for 300 life functions in the body.”

And some you may be familiar with are:

Protein synthesis: which is vital for processing protein and nutrients for muscle growth…

Along with controlling muscle contractions: including automated functions like heart beats, breathing, and more.

It also manages your blood flow and supports your immune system by boosting its ability to fight off viruses.

Plus it supports and repairs our nerves and blood vessels, helping fight nerve damage, maintaining healthy repair signals to the brain, and keeping our blood flow strong and steady to our heart.

Furthermore, it regulates our blood sugar and blood pressure levels…

Supports our brain chemistry…

Helps the body deliver nutrients to the right places…

And best of all… Regulates sleep patterns, allowing your body to go into deep recovery sleep mode.

Now, as you can see, magnesium is vital not just for sleep, but pretty much for everything that we need to keep us alive and running in peak condition.

And it’s why if you have sleep issues, you may also be experiencing…

Forgetfulness, anxiety, feelings of depression, joint and nerve pains, irregular heart beats, low energy, weight gain, high blood sugar, and even high blood pressure.

It’s because they’re all linked to magnesium deficiency that hinders 300 of our body’s integral functions.

This is the reason why you may have been questioning yourself, and wondering why you’ve been feeling like something just isn’t right… but you just can’t figure out what it is…

Well, many people out there just like you are feeling the same… and just don’t realize that they are simply not getting enough magnesium from their foods.


This highly absorbable magnesium is formulated with a state-of-the-art micelle liposomal coating.

And this is a breakthrough magnesium absorption technology that no generic type of magnesium we tried and tested contains.

You see, this micelle liposomal coating is created from a unique and newly discovered fatty acid designed to protect the magnesium against mineral-destroying stomach acids, all while massively boosting absorption rate.

Remember how I said that most magnesium supplements rarely get absorbed by the body and are damaged by our gut acid before we can even benefit from it?

That’s precisely why many magnesium supplements you find in stores only have around a 4% absorption rate… Which is simply not enough to truly work…

However, when magnesium bisglycinate is coated with this state-of-the-art micelle liposomal protective layer, it can boost the absorption rate by up to 80%!


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Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $54.00.

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